Gatherings fueling covid-19 upsurge.

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Gatherings have contributed to the Covid-19 upsurge. In Bulawayo reports show that rapid response teams are overwhelmed and unable to swiftly attend to every call.

The country is under a 30-day lockdown but residents still defy regulations. They gather for funerals, oblivious of the risk they put on their lives.

Under new lockdown measures, church services have been banned. Funeral gatherings have been limited to 30 people. Bars and bottle stores shut down. Restaurants closed while intercity and interprovincial movement has been limited to those classified as essential service providers.

Members of the public are expected to shop within a 5 kilometre radius from their homes. Essential services employees are allowed to pass through checkpoints after producing exemption letters.

Despite the national ban, members of the public still continue to gather for a number of reasons.

Police in Bulawayo have arrested more than 600 people for defying lockdown conditions since the beginning of the year.

The rapid response teams in Bulawayo which are expected to react promptly to suspected cases. They also assess and assist in stabilising patients. However, they have been struggling to keep up with mounting pressure.

The teams also conduct contact tracing and make follow up visits to affected residents.

Members of the public are encouraged to take part in the strive for the safety of their health. tknews.

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