Discover yourself.

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Discover yourself. That is the first step to personal fulfillment. If you don’t know your the reason for your existence you will be available for every invite. You will attend every function, you will accept every proposal and you will compromise every priority.

The reason why a vehicle moves towards a certain direction its not because it can move but because it has a driver who is directing to a certain direction. You are the driver of your own life and its up to you to drive towards any direction you wish.

Direction and motion may seem similar but they are different because motion is just movement but direction is movement that is controlled towards a specified location in our context destiny . In your life what’s your destiny?

Where are you?

Are you just moving or you are moving towards a certain direction. Lately I have rediscovered that life is a journey and truly we never know 100% percent what we are really made for but our instinct and gut confirms the path.

You discover yourself everyday, you learn new things about yourself daily so the trick lies in exploration and trying new things. If you remain stagnant the confusion piles up until your clues disappears and you end up a bitter person. Just be the student of the game and learn about yourself daily.

Don’t be afraid to leave old habits and likes it’s normal. When you discover yourself some things start to become irrelevant and that’s how life is . Be eager to learn, be excited to discover and be consistent in the quest.

Life is supposed to be lived by not life leaving you while you are still alive. Self discovery is a journey and our journey is unique so no lesson can reveal who you are more than you reveling it to yourself.

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