Died at four.

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Yes, it died prematurely
They thought it was immortal,
Surprised at last,
Four foul frightening fortnights,
Alive and healthy the first two,
Grew stronger the following two,
Fell sick the following two
Weaker and weaker until death,
Died of lack of communication,
Received no resuscitation,
Died of an underlying jealousy,
Suffered an ulcer of insecurity,
Killed by a girl who failed to please,
Murdered by a boy who did not care,
It grew tired between the distance,
Stifled by the pride that blinded their judgment,
Neither one of them wanted to say the words,
Sorry was an expensive grammar
Tho they both wanted each other
It was laid to rest in ashes
May their companionship rest in peace.

by fmadzikatire.


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3 thoughts on “Died at four.

  1. Took me a while to get my comment in order, because I didn’t my emotions to cloud my logic
    This one is a well written piece. It communicates with the physical, intellectual as well as the emotional being. You really have enormous potential… I believe it won’t be long till we embrace a best seller if not the best seller

  2. What a masterpiece! Indeed pride has killed a lot of relationships across humanity, we tend to massage our egos and sacrifice relationships. Its a pity. Pride and egos are poisonous traits.

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