Covid Diaries

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Never had she imagined that it can happen to her too. The talk of it in the newspapers, television, radios and rumors did not give her the slightest clue that this monster was about to knock on her door, let itself in and ruin her life. It was so sudden and too much to bear that even after the escape, she is still a victim of psychological scarring.

Sometime in April. Days were blending into weeks. They had no money. No one was going to work. The whole country was in a complete standstill but they couldn’t send her away. How could they ?. what will the people say? They were people of religious reputation and after all, she was their kin.

Sandra was related to the Mutema family by blood. She was the daughter of the late brother of Mr Mutema and she had been living with this family for almost five years. She was pursuing her education under their care and funds until the world was shook by a pandemic which prevented her and everyone else to advance.

It just started as a slight dizziness. Tiredness rather followed by small symptoms of flue. This made her conscious of what was happening to her. The more she looked at the symptoms of corona virus, the more they corresponded to what she felt. She was devastated. She couldn’t tell anyone.

For six days, Sandra hid every slightest clue of her sleekness but on this day it just happened that her aunt found out about her sickness. With alarm Mrs. Mtema told her husband and soon the whole neighborhood got to know about it.

People started to look at the family with accusing eyes, they pointed fingers at them and avoided their house like a plague. What made it worse is when the three of them came back from the hospital in an ambulance and most of their neighbors came outside their houses to witness the shame.

The doctors had told them that the results would come after three days and they had to go home and quarantine themselves waiting for the results. The first day Sandra held it together. She pushed away as far as possible the thought of it but the second day she was defeated by thoughts of a possibility that she might have the plague and that she was probably the one who passed it on to her beloved guardians.

On the third day she could not take it anymore, the guilt, the shame, the suspense, anxiety and the fear. She locked herself in her room . she wanted to end it all. The dreaded the painful death of the pandemic she had seen on the internet. Just as she was about to throw the pills in her mouth, she heard a scream. A joyous scream. “all of us?” her aunt was asking. Then another louder scream.

by fmadzikatire.

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3 thoughts on “Covid Diaries

  1. we all remember it dont we?, what it did to our relationships. how we suspected everybody and anybody. how we separated ourselves from others. how we hid those coughs so that we wont be taken away and quarantined. twas tough……

  2. What a story Very interesting. Indeed it is the stigmatization of those with covid19, that naturally leads to people trying by all means to hide their illnesses and potentially suffer psychological traumas. Its been a year to forget.

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