Covid-19 allowance payout resume for civil servants.

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Civil Service Covid-19 Allowance Payouts Resume
Civil servants and pensioners will be smiling all the way to the bank after Government extended their US$75 Covid-19 allowances indefinitely.

The Covid-19 allowances had become a huge chunk of the civil servants’ salaries and their removal would have resulted in them feeling a huge difference come payday.

The development comes as Government is considering making the Covid-19 allowances a permanent feature on salaries to cushion its workers against the effects of the pandemic which is negatively affecting the economy.

Government has said that it is committed to continuously improving the working conditions of civil servants.

Since June last year, Government has been paying its workers US$75 allowances, and pensioners US$30 to cushion them against economic challenges aggravated by Covid-19.

The Covid-19 allowance was supposed to be last paid in December last year.

Employees under the Health Services Board (HSB) are also getting an additional $3 700 risk allowance while teachers are getting an additional 10 percent risk allowance.

Already, the HSB has communicated with its constituency on the extension of the US$75 allowance.


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