Churches to watch sermons data free with Sasai Watch-Zimbabwe

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Churches all over Zimbabwe can now upload videos of their services for their followers to watch for free with Sasai Watch.

This is valid during the covid 19 lockdown and during that interval churches can upload content and followers can view the content without paying for data. This option will be available on Sundays and you can as well watch other videos on the platform absolutely free on that day.

Sasai Watch is a new feature which is available on the Sasai Super App and operates the same way as Youtube and was created by Cassava Fintech International and is owned by Strive Masiyiwa-controlled Econet Group.

With the platform being available in every country in Africa, this promotion is only for Zimbabwean Churches and their followers to assist during the lockdown.

An insider said this platform does not support live streaming services but allows users to upload content of up to one hour within minutes.

Churches can get access to this service by getting in contact with the Cassava Smartech team in Harare 04 782 869

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