Choosing the right dog for you- dog personalities you need to know.

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Men’s best friend may be the understatement of the century when describing these creatures, especially during COVID-19times. Not only will a pet be the ideal companion a dog is needed addition to your family.Choosing a wrong breed of dog can turn you off towards pets and animal companionship. This causes a whole series of misconceptions about dogs . So, this is a dog guide you never thought you needed but will change your life forever. It is all about matching your personality and your lifestyle with the best breed of dog that suits you.

Dog personality plays a big role in determining whether a dog is a good fit for your home. Selecting a dog breed becomes a lot simpler if you know which traits and characteristics are compatible with your own needs. By being aware of a dog’s traits and characteristics it will make choosing the right dog for your personality and lifestyle an easy task.

 The beauty part is there is a breed for everyone. Aside from the common boerbors and german shephards there are numerous types to suit one’s personality. They give you the superpower of choosing the type of best friend your solely need. Imagine being able to determine the the traits you so require the perfect companion.

There is nothing sadder than seeing a chained dog being teased by children in ones back yard and even-tempered dog living its life out in some backyard only receiving attention when it is feeding time all because the owners chose the wrong breed. Many a dog gets fed and watered irregularly or worse; forgotten by a thoughtless owner, ending up a rescue dog or even ending life with a cruel, lonely death.

These are the traits to suit your personality.

Energetic, active

Starting with my favourite and our very own indigenous breed for adrenaline junkies those people who believe in exercise and long hikes a Ridgeback is the to go to choose. Its the type of dog that can match you stride for stride and still have energy to spare. Fresh air and open spaces give it so much joy which is contagious so much that you will be occupued during this lockdown you will not even notice it. This is preferable for those with big open spaces or not afraid of sweat because you may spend your whole afternoon chasing after them and sweeping broken furniture. Similar dogs include German Shepard, Rottweiler, retriever.

Lazy breeds

However, in this modern day and age not all of us have access to the hills and countryside. And, because of our busy lifestyles, not all of us are active enough to keep up with a Border Collie or Husky.For us the lazy ones, the couch potatoes who only get up to go to the kitchen and back the perfect companion is aBasset Hound, Chug and surprising enough a Bullmastiff.These breeds will be help you binge watch those 10 seasons withoutcomplaining about why they cut off the main character after every season. Disclaimer it is considered as moody if not showered with attention. Similar breeds include a Chow chow, Cavachon and a miniature bullgod.

Accessory dog

When I say there is a dog for everyone i mean everyone. With tik tok and instagram as the universal language there are a breed of dogs that Will bring you insta fam and glory. The dog is ever camera ready and recommended when in search for all those likes follows and repost. Not only are they ideal pets but also accessories.

And like the owner these dogs respond well to pampering 5-star treatment which is a must when it comes to grooming. With this dog who follow into the footsteps of instgram and snapchat gods such as Paris Hilton and Spears. For influencers, this pet is a must have if you want to st1y on top of that trending list. Similar dog’s labradoodle,Maltipoo and let us face it all puppies in general. Similar breeds, Toy Poodles,Bichon Frise,Beagle

Menacing breeds

Not forgetting those who need dogs for extra security and protection from sneaky boyfriends unwanted guests and thieves a Pit bull will do the trick. Please be warned it can grow to sizes that can even scare the owner and ideal suitors for your daughters and sisters.

The dog is so alert and agressive that people will think twice showing up unannounced. this dog is a must have during this covid period because everyone will keep a distance from you and your house. There is no need to put up a beware sign. Popularly seen in rap videos and movies these dogs can be a menace.

If one has need for an agressive dog this is the way to go .it is advisible to adopt the dog as a pup so that it grows with you and does not confuse you with an intruder or else the emergency room will act as your second home. Similar breeds Boerboel Mastiff, Perro de Presa Canario,German Shepherd

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