Chin’ono had a secret meeting with Mnangagwa in 2018-Gambakwe

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Western embassies gang up on Mnangagwa over Hopewell Chin'ono - The  Zimbabwe Mail

According to Gambakwe, in 2018 Chin’ono had a secret meeting with President Mnangagwa soon after the 2018 election. The meeting had never been disclosed by Chin’ono despite him speaking about other meeting he had with other people in the Mnangagwa government. He never spoke about the meeting because it had happened during a time Zimbabwe had a crisis after the 1 August shooting in Harare.

Chin’ono went to meet Mnangagwa at his office but when he arrived Mnangagwa was not impressed because Chin’ono was not dressed formally and didn’t look interested in the meeting and didn’t meet the expectations of the President. The contents of the discussion is still not known to the public but nothing came out of the meeting.

The speculation is that Chin’ono was looking forward to working with Mnangagwa on his public image but the contract was awarded to a company from the United States of America. Chin’ono later started to talk to other people and ended up being closer to the other faction likely G40 with is not close to Mnangagwa.

After the meeting Chin’ono started to oppose Mnangagwa and this became more and more public until we got to were we are.

Gambakwe spoke about this on his Youtube channel today (19/08/20) saying Mnangagwa has a big network but his network is full of bitter people since they didn’t gain anything, and there is no opportunity creation and no wealth creation tooo

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