Chillspot apologise to the nation

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Fantan and Levels of chillspot have apologised to the public via their Instagram account after they organised a new year’s eve bash against national covid 19 regulations which bars gatherings, the party was attended by thousands of music fans in Harare’s Matapi flats.

Chillspot family members were granted bail last week and as a result took to Instagram to apologise to the nation and said they have learnt a lesson.

“We come before you fellow Zimbabweans with a sense of humility, shame and regret, we unreservedly and wholeheartedly apologise to the government of Zimbabwe, all stakeholders, the nation at large, the Mbare community, our family members, friends, legion of followers and fans across the country and beyond our boarders for violating the Public Health regulations when we participated in an unsanctioned music gig on new year’s eve”, said Fantan and Levels.

“We have since gone through the process of arrest, incarceration, being convicted and have spent some time in jail after we were sentenced, all of which has brought shame on us, ours families, friends and great disappointment to our fans, we are extremely grateful to have been admitted to bail pending appeal against sentence”, said Chillspot family.

“We commit ourselves both as Chillspot Recording Studio management and individually to support and complement Government and other stakeholder efforts by embarking in Covid 19 prevention, education and public awareness campaigns, we now wish and offer ourselves to become Covid 19 Youth Ambassadors “,said Fantan and Levels.

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