Bad news for junior doctors

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They are forcing recently finished students to first join the army before they can be employed as doctors for internship.
Internship no longer under ministry of health but higher and tertiary education. Hence Student doctors.
Nolonger getting salary but a stipend at the rate prescribed by the ministry.

Being millitary cadets and students means you can’t strike. Mutiny = Court marshaling.
After finishing you need 5 years working in government before getting a letter of good standing that enables you to leave the country and be registered as a doctor in another country.

There is a standing agreement in SADC that say countries should not pouch each others health personnel. The country can invoke that to request repatriation of all health cadres working in government hospitals of neighbouring countries which are signatory to the MOU.

You will require ministry of health approval to open private practice.
Post graduate students will be bundled to Ministry of Higher and tertiary education. And as they already did recently They can simply cease the programme from the university side if they feel you are being “difficult” to their cause.

Stiffer regulations on who will become specialists or government consultants with political issues key to the vetting process.
Nurses are replaceable. Sufficient numbers in the unemployed basket to replenish fired rogue ones.It takes only 3 years to produce a thousand nurses. With students already part of the work force.

Very soon tight regulation for those in private practice including tariff and price controls.
Stop double dipping. One can’t have private practice if you are working for the government.

They are going to review entry requirements for medical school. Probably mandatory national service or millitary cadetship.

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