Avery Williamson celebrates his trade from Jets to Steelers

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In August, the Jets did veteran linebacker Avery Williamson no favors, squeezing him into taking a pay cut a year after suffering a torn ACL. On November 1, the Jets did him a huge favor, sending Williamson from at the time the only NFL team without a win to the only NFL team without a loss.

As expected, Williamson is happy about the development.

“Goin’ to the ‘Burgh!” he said in a video posted on Instagram. “Goin’ to the ‘Burgh! Let’s go man. Get me to the airport. We’re gonna get that ring. . . . Pittsburgh, let’s go man. I’m hyped. I’m so hyped, I couldn’t even sleep. Couldn’t even sleep last night. You know me; I’m a baller, now. I’m ready to go hit shit, man. Let’s go. I can’t wait to be part of this defense.”

The trade is official, pending a physical. Both teams have announced the transaction that will result in the Steelers getting Williamson and a seventh-round pick from the Jets in 2022 for a fifth-round pick in 2022.

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