Ask me why.

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All is not well,
Brother is betraying brother,
Critical conversations are neglected,
Dreams of brighter days are blotted out
Empty promises are being made
Friendships are fading
Growth and evolution are stunted,
History is being re-written
Individuals cut themselves above the rest,
Justice now has a price tag,
Knowledge is no longer power,
Love is compromised
Money dictates it all
Nuns peddle flesh
Odd things happen in churches
Potholes and pits punctuate highways
Queens are familiar with sins
Reality is painted dull
Stress is on each face
Tribes provoke each other to war
Undisciplined youth populate the city
Violence and crime got married
When they talk, they mean not what they say
Xmas has long lost its significance
Yesterday’s friend is today’s enemy
Zororo is only attained when you die.

by fmadzikatire.

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