‘Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a racist!’

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‘Any individual who realizes me knows I’m not a bigot!’: Fourth authority at the focal point of prejudice allegations that saw PSG and Istanbul Basaksehir stroll off the pitch stands up unexpectedly since the episode – as he faces a TEN-MATCH boycott

PSG and Istanbul Basaksehir players strolled off in the primary half on Tuesday night

Players blamed Romanian fourth authority Sebastian Coltescu for racially manhandling Basaksehir’s associate mentor, Pierre Webo, before they decided to stroll off

Coltescu is accounted for to have utilized the words ‘ala negru’ — ‘the person of color’

The official faces the possibility of a 10-coordinate boycott on the off chance that he is seen as liable by UEFA

The fourth official blamed for utilizing bigoted language towards Istanbul Basaksehir’s associate mentor, starting a player stroll off, has demanded that ‘any individual who realizes me knows I’m not bigot’ as he represented the first run through since the game was suspended.

Romanian Sebastian Coltescu, the fourth official being referred to, is accounted for to have said ‘ala negru’ — converting into English as ‘the person of color’ — when asked by arbitrator Ovidiu Hategan which mentor should have been shipped off after a touchline episode.

In any case, in a discussion with family members, which arose on Wednesday morning in Romanian media, Coltescu has shielded his character.

‘I simply attempt to be acceptable,’ he stated, as indicated by Romanian source ProSport. ‘I’m not going to peruse any news locales these next couple of days. Any individual who realizes me realizes that I’m not bigot! In any event that is the thing that I trust.’

A UEFA examination has been dispatched following the delay of the match at the Parc des Princes as the two arrangements of players would not proceed with halfway through the main half.

UEFA stated: ‘As per the Article 31(4) of the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations, an Ethics and Disciplinary Inspector has been delegated today to direct a disciplinary examination with respect to the occurrence.’

While there is little to no precedent of an official being handed a 10-match ban, UEFA said in a statement that ‘a thorough investigation will be opened immediately’ and that Coltescu does face the prospect of a minimum 10-game ban if found guilty of using racist language on the touchline.

Article 3 of UEFA’s disciplinary rules cites both match officials and players — which means they can be punished by the governing body for offences.

Article 14 of UEFA’s code would be used to exact punishment onto the official if he is deemed guilty following the ongoing investigation.

That article states: ‘Any person under the scope of Article 3 who insults the human dignity of a person or group of persons on whatever grounds, including skin colour, race, religion, ethnic origin, gender or sexual orientation, incurs a suspension lasting at least 10 matches or a specified period of time, or any other appropriate sanction.’

Coltescu’s alleged remark is said to have been used to refer to Basaksehir assistant coach Pierre Webo.

Webo was shown a red card by referee Hategan before coaches and players from both sides had to be restrained from remonstrating with the fourth official.

As the referee came over, footage appeared to show Coltescu identifying Webo by saying: ‘The black one over there. Go and check who he is. The black one over there, it’s not possible to act like that’.

It is believed Coltescu said ‘negru’, the Romanian word for black.

A furious Webo heard this and immediately accused Coltescu of racism. He had to be restrained by other members of the coaching staff as he was shown a straight red card.


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  1. Racism is a cancer which in order to disperse it, Fifa has to introduce drastic, pragmatic and draconian penalties to those who racially segregate others.

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