Another Catholic Bishop on Mnangagwa

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Bishop Tapiwa Mupandasekwa of the Roman Catholic Church Chinhoyi Diocese has fired salvo at president Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government accusing it of oppressing the citizens and collapsing the country.Using the pulpit on Sunday, the Bishop also attacked a decision by the Vice Constantino Chiwenga of turning doctors to become military doctors.

We live dear friends in a country now considered a fiefdom of a selected few. They decide the way & no one else. They are the police, the army & the judiciary. They are everything. To silence everyone they instil fear in the governed.

All they bring is nothing but distress. Dear friends what greater distress was brought upon us as a nation when the plight of our doctors was responded to by that terrible proposition to turn our civilian doctors into soldiers who will from then on go by instruction?

An extract from his sermon

Zimbabwe’s catholic Bishop for Chinhoyi, Tapiwa Mupandasekwa, has called Mnangagwa’s regime OPPRESSIVE!

“Instead of freedom, they bring imprisonment to those who oppose them, to those who think differently,” he said in today’s sermon.

Good Morning Zimbabweans!

The Christian’s primary response is prayer. We pray that God may change the hearts of our leaders. We pray that he may inspire them to do right. We pray that they may not bury their heads in the sand.Indeed, the freedom party refuses to give freedom of choice by refusing to listen to the cries of the distressed doctors. Instead they propose more distress.

Our children are not going to school, except the few lucky ones. Our sick are not being treated in our hospitals. And yet our leadership see their policies as right and good. What blindness is this?

I wish I could tell St Paul how dangerous it is in a country that is now miles away from where truth lives. I wish I could tell St Paul that living for justice is dangerous in a country that refuses to deliver justice.

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