An elegy for the old woman

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Teapot, her shadow looks like
Beautiful and bright, back then she was
To ten sons , she gave back
A big family of sons and daughters , it was

Her beauty dates back to the eighties
Back bent double( a badge of hard work)
She watched her children toil and moil
A night of joy followed by a month of grief.

Her hair was once shiny and black
Behind protruding like a peacock’s
Shaped and crafted well by the creator
All about her was undeniable.

Her children now live in misery
Dusk to dawn queuing banks for peanuts
Street peddling everything and anything.
All this is not what she had hoped for.

Her dream was for the finest things in life
Basic commodities available and affordable
Sharp, brilliant minds manning the city
All working together towards progress.

by fmadzikatire

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