A view from the top.

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So here’s to us
Us who celebrated no birthdays
Us who were taught to be content,
Us who matured early,
Readily set for the cruel world.

Here’s to us who never owned a pair
Whose wardrobe was passed down,
Who, to get sick did not afford
We never asked for any
We knew there was no penny

To us who never gave up,
Took longer than necessary,
Us who cherished the small,
Us who dreaded the past,
We gave our all to make it happen.

Cheers to us who braved the weather,
To us who risked it all
Us who built it from the bottom,
We now celebrate each sweat,
And each tear makes us merry

by Florence Madzikatire.

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5 thoughts on “A view from the top.

  1. its sad when you think about how you were brought up, the poverty you were in as well as the bad things that happened along the way of growing up. i remember how we used to not to go to parties and gatherings because we had no new clothes. we always had a feeling that the people around us knew how few our clothes were. so we distanced ourselves from our friends and relatives. i tell you, POVERTY IS NOT GOOD.

  2. flo, you have a way of capturing the real issues in the society. this poem is based on a thousand true stories.

  3. So most would see the sad part of this article but I think it’s mostly positive.. for instance gold is purified at high temperature (literally in the fire).. if we were to look into the Oprahs the Gates the Trumps the Strives we would see that its not a bread and butter way to the top.. All in all without gravity there would be no flying.. the view at the top is the view of a Victor who is celebrating how they overcame difficulty

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