A Case for keeping formula one engine modes

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There was a buzz in the formula one neutrals community leading to the Spanish gp
because of two events. In the previous race which was the 70 th anniversary gp ,
Mercedes had shown weakness with regards to adapting to high temperatures
leading Max Verstappen to clinch victory and for most people this was the signal that
the 2020 Mercedes has an Achilles heel. The 2 nd issue that put a buzz in the hearts
of neutrals was that the FIA had decided to scrap engine qualifying modes which is
indirectly directed at curbing the dominance of the Mercedes which qualifies an
average of 0.9seconds ahead of the pack in every race.
The results of the Spanish gp clearly justified why Mercedes has been the team to
beat for the past 7 years. The team from Brackley quickly got on top of the
overheating situation ensuring that they had good race pace on Sunday and if it were
not for Bottas stalling on the opening lap it would have definitely finished as a 1-2 to
Mercedes. The same hardworking culture should be the thing the FIA promotes to all
other teams because we as fans enjoy pure innovation by a well-run team. One
might think this is an issue of funds but we have seen that Ferrari which gets more
money than Mercedes this year has struggled to make a car fitting of the pouncing
horse logo in terms of race pace let alone take care of the reliability issues that have
been plaguing Vettel ever since the season started.
In the issue against qualifying modes people rooting against Mercedes were left with
a feeling of déjà vu as the team claimed it did not run any qualifying modes in the
Spanish gp qualifying. The scrapping of these modes is also an artificial solution that
the FIA wants to use to in order to make the sport more competitive and like any silly
solution it will probably hurt teams in the midfield more than Mercedes because they
also make use of overtaking modes which are fairly similar to qualifying modes
making less overtakes in a race which is something the FIA has been trying to have
more of in the sport. Formula one is a meritocracy and innovation from all teams
should be encouraged within the limits of the sports.
I began watching F1 in 2015 with the onset of Mercedes dominance and I have
admired their innovation and hard work as a team. They are definitely not the richest
but the best run team on the grid and this is an example other teams should strive to
emulate because even in years they haven’t had the fastest car like 2017 and 2018
they still managed to win because they are just run so well. Bringing the grid closer
should not be at the detriment of innovation and hard work of other teams rather
Formula one is at its best when the best team is winning rather than seeking
gimmicks and performance curbing.

T.M.S. Chikowore tknews.co.zw F1 correspondent

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