5 AEW Dynamite Superstars that could have attacked Jon Moxley last week

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#1 Could someone new be headed to AEW Dynamite to take on Jon Moxley?

Erick Redbeard could be on his way to AEW Dynamite and the best way for him to make an instant impression upon his arrival could be to take down the World Champion, Jon Moxley. Do check out the exclusive interview he did with Stephanie Chase from Sportskeeda by clicking on the link here, and you’ll instantly know why this intelligent and well-spoken man would be the right candidate to bolster the AEW Dynamite roster.

If you discount Brock Lesnar, Erick Redbeard is probably the biggest star that could come to the AEW Dynamite roster at the moment and his size and physique make him the ideal candidate to contest for the AEW World Championship against Jon Moxley.

Plus, Jon Moxley and Erick Redbeard are obviously friends from their time in WWE and these two men may want to have this big match.

Feel free to name the most likely candidates that you believe could have taken Jon Moxley down on AEW Dynamite in the comments section below.


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