16 Days of activism against gender based violence

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Today marks the sixth day of the campaign. Annually, countries of different colours and geophysical spaces celebrate women folk in the name of discouraging and denouncing gender based violence. Although It is known that the word gender is inclusive of both sexes, the movement has come more to concern itself with the issues to do with women being the victims and men or other women being the perpetrators of the violence.

However, it should be noted that Women too can be the villains, carrying out violent acts against the other gender or other women.
Now let’s talk about violence.

Violence can be defined as behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage or kill. From this definition examples of such behavior can be drawn from schools, churches, hospitals, homes and workplaces.

This year’s theme reads ‘ orange the world: fund, respond, prevent, collect. As it happens, the theme is intertwined with the fight against the covid-19 pandemic. The virus intensified the struggle and UN women calls for the concrete actions to respond to the concurrent shadow pandemic. Women are usually victims in such crisis as they try to navigate the rash world to survive and fend for their families.

thus, Violence against women in such instances can be rape. Rape is unconsented sex. It is inclusive of sex with minors spouse and or dates.
Another form of violence against women is domestic violence. This should be reported and the perpetrators of such must be held accountable by the responsible authorities.

Violence outside the domestic sphere is also violence which needs to be brought to books. This includes violence at workplaces and public places.
Women are encouraged to help themselves and others in the fight for a violence free environment by speaking out, reporting and raising awareness.

It should be noted that the commemoration of this movement does not mean that gender based violence does not occur throughout the year. The advocacy seeks to revitalize the movement yearly so that women who are in such plight and the public in general is encouraged to stand up for their rights

The campaign does not seek to establish special treatment of women, it seeks to exercise women’s rights already there in the constitution.

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3 thoughts on “16 Days of activism against gender based violence

  1. The campaign is good and I am not sure how far it has gone in terms of the motives, as in why some people chose to perpetrate such violence.. I think attacking the roots may make the fight more effective

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